Charity News

During the summer we did a concert with the Hart Male Voice Choir and the Linlithgow Rugby Club choir in aid of the Friends of Chernobyl Children. Below is a thank you from them for our donation.

Every now and then we get together on a Saturday morning for extra practice. We take a break for coffee or tea and a biscuit half way through, and we take a voluntary donation for it. The choir funds match whatever is collected and it then goes to charity. Our last workshop was on 11/11 so we decided to send the money to SSAFA, a charity which helps veterans and ex-servicemen. See a testimonial below.

Thanks to people like you supporting SSAFA’s work, the charity has made a huge difference to my life and that of my family.
Dear Clare,
My name is Mark and I am writing to say thank you. I have supported SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity for many years and currently feature in their TV advertising campaign. SSAFA helped me and my family following a life changing experience, which I suffered whilst serving our country. This is why I chose to give back and continue to help raise awareness of SSAFA’s great work because the difference they made to mine.
I was on routine foot patrol on Christmas Eve 2007 when I stepped on an Improvised Explosive Device (IED). Three days later I woke up from a coma in Selly Oak Hospital in Birmingham to find that both of my legs had been amputated, above the knee, as well as my right arm, just above the elbow.
Thanks to people like you supporting SSAFA’s work, my family were also assisted by the charity. We were given access to free accommodation at their SSAFA Norton Homes close to the hospital and rehabilitation centre in Surrey, for as-long-as we needed. Having my family close by was so important for my recovery.
Thank you for caring and donating to make a difference. Your single donation of £175 to SSAFA helps pay for the services and practical support, which is so invaluable to our Armed Forces community. SSAFA is committed to lifelong support for veterans, like myself, as well as those who are currently serving and their families. SSAFA will be there to support those from the Armed Forces community who turn to them for help.
When I faced hardship, thanks to you and others like you – SSAFA had my back.

Mark Ormrod

P.S Please tell people what you’ve done today. The more people who know about us, the more people we can help. Find us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, if you use them.